‘Out of the Depths’ Collection 2015-18


I’ve lived close to the sea in Dorset nearly my whole life and I enjoy spending time walking along our spectacular Jurassic coastline. I particularly like looking at the different textures made on the rocks and pebbles created by years of erosion, the forms and patterns of shells, barnacles, sea creatures, urchins and anemones.

In addition to finding inspiration lurking in rock pools and under rocks, I’m also interested in what’s hidden inside the rocks and cliffs along. I have a keen interest in Palaeontology and am fascinated by the creatures from our prehistoric past; their forms, size and variety of shape and pattern.

Rather than using these sources of inspiration literally, I prefer to take aspects of what I see, throw them all together and when combined with a bit of imagination, I have fun creating something totally new. I love playing with the idea that as we don’t know exactly what swims in our seas, I’m able to ‘design’ creatures that look as if they could exist now, or did in our prehistoric past.

Through using a very coarse clay which is left unglazed, the creatures look fossilised and more like the specimens that you might find in The Natural History Museum! 

Here’s a selection of my sea inspired ceramics, you can click on the images to enlarge them and move through a photo gallery. If you’d like to purchase a piece which has sold, I can make something similar for you, but not the same as I never make the same piece twice! just get in touch to discuss what you’d like.

2 Replies to “‘Out of the Depths’ Collection 2015-18”

  1. Hello Rachel.
    I am a student of industrial design in H.I.T in israel.
    as part of our introductory cours of ceramic I need to make a presentation on experimetal ceramics.
    and I was fasicnated by your “out of the depth” works.
    In order to discuss these wonderfull works in the class I was wondering, do you mix the ceramic with sand and pour it in the mold or is it somthing completely different.

    Thanks in advance.
    Lotus Tzoref

    1. Hi Lotus,
      Thank you for contacting me regarding my ceramics. The clay I use is for industrial use and is a stoneware clay which I buy already mixed with a material very similar to sand. I build each sculpture using the coiling technique and I hand form the decorative features. I hope that helps, and good luck with your course!
      With Kindest Regards
      Rachel Fooks

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