Fairy cups for the river fairies?!

Typically, I have days where I find sticking to footpaths impossible and end up exploring new territory… today was one of those days! Whilst checking on my horses, I decided it’d be exciting for me and my youngest daughter to explore an area slightly hidden from the footpath. We find a gully surrounded by wild greenery with a babbling stream running through the middle. As we were carefully crossing the stream (neither of us suitably dressed for river walking!), and taking in the beauty of our surroundings, I spotted some lovely white clay on the riverbank. Of course I had to go and get some, so crossed back over the stream and began climbing the very steep and slippery river bank. Eventually, scrabbling to try not to fall, I managed to grab a good size ball for test firing. I walk past this place every day when checking on my horses and I didn’t know there was clay there or that there was a place so beautiful. Whilst I soaked up the atmosphere lost in my own thoughts, my amazingly creative 5 year old daughter couldn’t resist playing with the clay I had scrabbled so hard to get, the result being a full set of pinch pot cups for the river fairies! Never mind, it’ll be a good excuse to go back another time and get some more!

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