Pants! The clay couldn’t shrink evenly in the firing because of the shells and so consequently have crumbled. I seem to remember I should have low fired the shells first to calcify them? Oops! Also, there’s no trace of the seaweed that I put on the test bowls. For a moment I feel like giving up. But actually, the first ‘not quite totally broken’ test tile is actually quite an interesting texture which might be usable. It reminds me of the land next to where my uncle lived. In the summer, the land became totally cracked and broken. As a young child, I remember wondering why it looked like that – it was totally puzzling and very mysterious! I know now that it was dry clay, but at the time I thought it looked like a planet from Dr Who! And the seaweed glaze, well… I’ll do it again but with more ash. I AM NOT GIVING UP!!

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