My new plaster bat is brilliant!

As the kiln is warm from last nights firing, I pop some seaweed on it to help it dry out faster. YUCK! It stinks. Think I’m going to be sick! I shut the door and get on with refining the clay I collected from the beach. I spend some time separating the colours – the darkest red really is stunning. I begin pouring the slip onto my new plaster bat – it’s brilliant! In life, it’s important to have little struggles so that you can be more appreciative when things work out! The bat’s beautifully smooth and sucks the moisture away from the slip nicely. Whilst pouring the slip onto the bat, I wonder if I can make usable slabs of clay straight on the bat therefore skipping the kneading and rolling process? What would happen if I poured the clay onto a textured bat? I can see that coloured slip is going to play a huge part in the final pottery that I make. I haven’t worked with slip much so will be interesting…

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