Please stand!

Today I was ‘manning ship’ at the Boilerhouse Gallery (an artists co-operative that I’m extremely lucky to be a part of). Whilst there, I decided to make good use of my time and do some work on a commission for an ammonite. People who visit the gallery love to see the artists at work.

The piece I’m working on is for a lovely man with a keen interest in paleontology and who has purchased several of my sculptures. I’m very keen to give him something that he’ll love!

I was at the gallery for 4 hours. Apart from my time dealing with customers, most of this time was spent making adjustments to the shell to get it to balance! It didn’t help that as it was a beautifully sunny day, the clay was drying quicker than I could build. Finally though, I triumphed and felt a major sense of achievement when it finally stood without toppling over!

And she stands!!! Now for the fun part of adding the tendrils.

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