Pottery ‘Throwing’ Experience


(Restrictions apply due to Covid regulations. Contact me for up to date information.)

Do you fancy having a go at ‘throwing’ on the potters wheel? Or maybe someone you know does and you’d like to buy a voucher for them.

Since ‘The Great Pottery Throw Down’ was recently broadcast on More4, pottery has become the new baking! It seems that everyone would like to have a go at wrestling with a slippery lump of clay that’s spinning round faster than your undies in a washing machine!

The ‘Pottery Throwing Experience’ is perfect for those of you who’d like to have a go at making something on the potters wheel. You’ll be using an electric ‘Shimpo’ wheel (which are among the best wheels on the market), beautifully silky white stoneware clay and more than 30 glaze colours to choose from.

The session on the wheel lasts for 2 hours… precisely enough time to learn the basics of throwing and to produce something wonderful!

The total cost is:
£60 (for 1 person)
£50 (per person for 2 people)
£40 (per person for 3 people)

These prices are inclusive of clay, glaze and 2 firings
(and of course tea or coffee!).

If you think throwing on the potters wheel is something that you’d like to do, to book a place or buy a voucher call 07966 433165 or email [email protected].