Too good to resist!

I get two days of making a week, well not really two days as I’m in the studio at 9.15am and then leave at 2:45 PM to collect my daughter from school so it’s more like 10 hours a week. During this time I have to do admin, catch up on emails, phone calls, do accounts, stock ordering, marketing/ advertising, loading and unloading the kiln, cleaning the premises as well as teaching extra sessions in addition to the 40+ people I teach every week, blah, blah, blah! So mostly, I get a few hours a week to be creative and actually make pottery. I’m time critical which is why I really, REALLY shouldn’t have spent half the day horse riding! It was just such a beautiful day, I couldn’t resist. I absolutely should have been in the studio, however, I did find some lovely looking clay puddles on my travels which I’m looking forward to exploring in the near future! When I eventually did get into the studio, the clay from last week is nicely slaked and is ready to sieve. Unfortunately though, before I can get started I have lots of boring jobs to do that should have been done this morning… how frustrating! I end up with just two hours to get mucky, so start sieving the clay. It takes such a long time to go through the sieve, but the creamy slip that I’m left with really does look delicious! I’ve got a lot of clay to sieve – I need to find a more time efficient way of doing it – maybe a bigger sieve and larger bucket? Did  I say I had 2 hours to get mucky?… make that one hour 15 minutes it’s going to take ages for me to clear up this mess!!

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